Review: In Place of Never by Julie Anne Lindsey

In Place of Never

Can the truth set her free?…

A part of Mercy died the summer her sister tragically drowned. Now Mercy has a chance to discover if Faith’s death was an accident—or murder. Her first step is to confront the lead suspects: a band of traveling gypsies—the last people who saw her sister alive. But Mercy finds an unexpected ally in Cross, the soulful musician in their ranks. He’s a kindred spirit, someone who sees into her heart for the first time in, well, forever. Yet stirring up the past puts Mercy in danger…

Suddenly someone is shadowing Mercy’s every move, making her even more determined to uncover the facts. With Cross by her side, she is ready to face it all, even if that means opening up to him, knowing he may one day leave her. What she discovers is a truth that rocks the foundation of her small river town—and a love worth risking everything for…

In Place of Never was such an exciting read, with so many different things going on in it that sometimes it felt a little overwhelming. I loved the crime/mystery aspect and the way that it branched out and was resolved and all of the suspects had their motives, It was a really well-written, well-established mystery-thriller and I enjoyed it much more than I expected.

I did feel like Mercy rushed into things. Getting involved with Cross, who clearly was part of the group of people that her own father is responsible for her sister's death. Sure, Cross wasn't even part of the troupe in the time of Faith's death but still! I mean, of course everything turned out well but why did she feel this urge to find answers two years later - chasing up people who might hhave put it all behind them. Is that fair?

I also felt like Julie Anne Lindsey was trying to hard to put loads of different things into this book. The preacher dad, the circus troupe, the gypsy mysteries, the drowning, the stalker - it all seemed a little bit too much at times and things didn't tie together as well as they might have if all the stuff had been cut down.

Overall, this was a really exciting thriller book with a lot of things in it. I did enjoy it, but there were some things that felt forced and weren't resolved...

Overall Rating: B-

Book released 2nd February 2016 by Lyrical Press
Book received from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review

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