I am an independent reviewer and do not receive any payment for reading and reviewing any books. 

If I have received this book as an ARC from an author or publisher I will state this in the post.

If I have received this book as a prize from a giveaway I will state this in the post.

Book blurbs and images are taken from www.goodreads.com and I claim no ownership for them.

The book information given at the bottom of each review is usually about the edition of the book that I have read, usually this is the UK edition. Because of this, International release dates and information will be different.

I am a critical person and while I would not deliberately post a damaging review (why do you think my review of Twilight isn't up here?), I am always completely honest with my opinion and will post reviews of books I loved or books that I didn't even finish, in my reviews I try to weigh up the pros and cons of a book and thus it is inevitable that sometimes I will make a point that readers of this blog disagree with.

I expect readers to recognise that my opinion is different and just because I did or didn't enjoy a book does not mean that you will feel the same.