Review: Incubus by Jennifer Quintenz

Incubus (The Daughters Of Lilith: Book 2)

Braedyn Murphy used to think nothing important ever happened in her sleepy town of Puerto Escondido. But that was before she learned she was a descendent of Lilith, the mother of all demons. Now Braedyn fights to protect humanity from the Lilitu - the beautiful, souls-stealing daughters of Lilith.

As she fights the Lilitu, Braedyn must also fight her growing love for her boyfriend Lucas - because even a simple kiss could end his life. Their only ray of hope is an angel’s offer to make Braedyn human, but it’s an offer she can’t accept until the world is safe from the Lilitu.

Braedyn knows she’s a key player in this ancient war... but she’s not ready to believe she just might be humanity’s best hope of surviving the final battle for Earth.
Despite thinking that Thrall was a bit meh, I really enjoyed Incubus,it was a definite improvement on the first book. Whereas Thrall set the scene, Incubus is where all the action and the mystery happens. I also started to really like the characters and the romance, which I didn't feel so keen on here. The best thing about this book was that it kept me guessing, since I thought Thrall was pretty predictable. We know the bad guy is an incubus, but we have no idea what powers an incubus could have and who it is, there are a few suspects though and I kind of guessed who it was, but I was still kept doubting and guessing from the start to the big reveal.

I really liked Braedyn in this book, she was head-strong and smart and I really felt sorry or her - she just couldn't catch a break! She was constantly being told not to do anything even though she was RAISED to do what she was doing then she does something wrong because she hasn't been told anything and she gets in more trouble. Lucas was more likable here, he has his jealous moments and his mean moments but his dedication to Braedyn is really obvious. I also like that this book happens nearly a year after the first book and their relationship has evolved. I liked that the couple were together but faced troubles, it made it more believable. I found myself actually rooting for the pair and I can't wait for them to be able to be together.

Something that stood out for me in this book was that the friends (Cassie and Royal) are still in it. In sequels, I sometimes find that some characters are completely forgotten about and even though Braedyn is too busy for them, this is explored and is actually the reason the antagonist is able to get to them. 

Despite the story being so much better, I did still feel that the whole plot itself wasn't anything too unique, it did it's job and set up for the next book and was well executed, but it just didn't do anything to make it stand-out.

Overall, Incubus was definitely better than Thrall but didn't do enough to make it amazing. I did like the relationships and characters more in this book though. I recommend fans of the typical paranormal romance books start this series, but not really anyone after anything too original.

Book released  21st June 2013 by Secret Tree Press
Book received from the author in exchange for an honest review 

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