Review: The Beast Call by Anne Tibbets

The Beast Call (The Beast Girl Series)Seventeen year old Dray is no ordinary human. But possessing a magical capability to talk to animals in a land where magic is feared, is dangerous. When Dray's adventure hungry brother leaves the family farm to join a rebel militia, Dray follows him, but as Dray discovers her natural warrior capabilities, and word of her magical talents are discovered by the rebel General, Dray becomes an intricate part of the revolution, and the evil King Nuro would like nothing more than to see her destroyed.

Okay, so I received this book around a month ago from the author and finally got around to the review today... bad Jade! Life just seems to get in the way doesn't it.

What really captured me in this book was the gorgeous writing, it's been a very long time since I've read a fantasy book with such beautiful description. I was drawn in by the wording from page one and throughout the book it just improved. I could totally envision this world which really made this fantasy read very authentic.

As any reader of my blog will probably already know, I am a gigantic lover of fantasy and the story in The Beast Call really hit the spot for me. With similar concepts to many fantasy novels it may not be the most unique story out there, but it does have some originality and any lack of is made up for by the fantastic storytelling, gorgeous story and absolutely amazing characters. Readers of my blog will also know that I like a good dosing of romance served with my story. There isn't a lot of romance in the story, but strangely, this didn't bother me at all, and that is saying something!

The characters in this book are great, for a short book there is a good amount of character development - we see Dray go from slop queen, the family slave, to a kick-ass heroine who definitely makes it onto my 'most awesome book ladies' list and it was a fantastic process to observe. We also see her gain new friends, allies and skills. The other characters are also amazing to read, I especially loved Dray's brother who also goes through his own development.

All in all, The Beast Call is a fantastic fantasy with magic, romance and adventure and one of the most kick-ass heroines I've read in a very long time! It's also a very quick read 
which will totally fill your fantasy quota! Totally recommended!

Overall rating: A-

Book obtained via: Received from the author

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