Musings on Knife - R.J Anderson

So, it's 3:30am here as I type this. I have just finished re-reading 'Knife' by R.J Anderson. It still remains one of my fave books in the WORLD. In a world of books about fae and pixies it's nice to read a book that actually has 'real' pixies. I mean, I'm a fan of Aprilynne Pike's 'Wings' series. I can't say I hated 'Need' by Carrie Jones. I have one massive problem with these books though, it isn't a flaw in the writing, or the characterisation, but it's the fact that, well, they aren't all that original. 'Knife' is beautifully written and unforgettable, sure, but what I love most is that it isn't a book about a human who turns into a fairy, its a book about a real fairy, a real, tiny, flit around in a tree fairy. Whats more, it's about the real, tiny fairy falling in love with a real size human. I'm certainly partial to a bit of romance! Well, as I said, it's 3:30am here, I really need to sleep, so i won't be typing up a real review. I will, however, leave you with an Amazon link, and hope that you heed this advice and BUY IT! Buy it HERE. Also available in Ebook form here.

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