New Layout

So the old one didn't seem ME enough, so this is the new Ink Scratchers layout.

What do you think?!

I like the pinkness, theres some ink scribbles at the top, pages on the left. It looks really good to me!



  1. Thanks a lot! I went through a lot to try and find one that fitted me a lot! :) I'm terrible at design so i could never make my own :(

  2. Really funky :) There are some interesting pills in the top right corner :))) You know there is a great program Artisteer, where you don't need to know any html to build your template - really easy and fun. Anyway love the new look - catchy!

  3. I hadn't noticed the suspicious looking pills :( Well, no doubt ill get a new one if i find a perfect one, but I really like this!


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