Review: Happy Birthday to Me Again by Brian Rowe

Happy Birthday to Me Again (Birthday Trilogy, #2)Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day… again. And this time... he's going backward!
When Cameron proposes to his beloved witch of a girlfriend Liesel, he thinks life can’t get any better. But when he reluctantly breaks off the engagement just days before the wedding, Liesel angrily unleashes another curse on the unlucky guy, this time making him age backward, from eighteen, all the way to zero.

Making matters worse, Liesel mysteriously disappears, leaving Cameron with no options, except watching himself rapidly shrink into a helpless child. Will Liesel be able to save his life again? Or will Cameron ultimately fall prey to his girlfriend's wicked spell?

Oh poor Cameron, he does have it bad... then again I can't blame Liesel, if my boyfriend broke off my engagement days before my wedding I may call him some nasty names... possibly a big baby. Then again, I wouldn't actually mean for him to become one.

I loved this book much more than the first one. Now that the foundations of the characters and story have been established it doesn't seem like a copy of other similar books, it is totally unique.. I loved it! 

As before, I loved the characters of Cameron and Liesel and both seemed more real and developed in this book compared to the first and we get to meet some more characters, like Hannah (who was an amazing character by the well, so well written and imagined) as well as seeing characters like Kimber develop. I still loved reading the romance between Liesel and Cameron but I liked that it seemed more real here, with obstacles in the way.

The story was funny, with some hilarious scenes, romantic and suspenseful, and I found that for the most part it was very well executed. I got a little annoyed with the amount of capital letters that Rowe used every time he wanted to express some strong emotion, but otherwise I enjoyed the writing as well

Some parts of the book were very unrealistic to me... when Liesel was kidnapped why did Cam not call the police, or go out and look for her more... it's like he didn't even panic when he was decreasing in age and his girlfriend had just been kidnapped. I didn't buy Cameron proposing to Liesel, then breaking it off, then changing his mind, then changing his mind again... I think if I was Liesel I would have just said "Whatever, if you can't make your mind up it's over" if my boyfriend was messing me around so much...

Overall, better than the first in the series, the characters and storyline was more developed. I found I few problems with 'plot holes' but overall I loved it.

Overall Rating: B+

Book recieved from the author for review

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  1. I preferred the first one to this one, but that was really because of some of those plot holes that you mentioned. I really couldn't fathom why Cam was acting the way he was when Liesl was missing! It totally caught me off guard after how much he changed in the first book.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed this one overall though :) it really is a neat plot idea for a book!

    Brenna from Esther's Ever After


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