Review: Impostor by Jill Hathaway

Impostor (Slide #2)

Be afraid of your shadow...Vee Bell has witnessed murder. She nearly died trying to track down the killer, all because of her secret condition. She'd tell her best friend Rollins but lately he seems more interested in his colleague Anna than her. Maybe she should confide in her long-lost aunt who's turned up out of the blue? All of a sudden life is happening in reverse: Vee is waking up in weird places not knowing what she's done. The only thing she's sure of is that someone is messing with her. And when a prank goes horribly wrong, this time the hands with blood on them might be hers.

Impostor is definitely NOT a book which suffers from second book syndrome. I loved Slide when I read it last year (I rated it B+), but I loved Impostor even more. The romance was better, the story was a little easier to follow and there was a lot of mystery which worked so well. Whilst I felt that Slide was rather like some other series, Impostor stood out a lot more.

Firstly, can I honestly say that Rollins and Vee are one of the cutest couples in YA fiction at the moment?! They are just freaking adorable - Rollins is so supportive of Vee even when she's hiding things from him and Vee coming to terms with her feelings for her best friend made for some cute reading. Cute scenes really make a book like Impostor, which has a very tense atmosphere, so much better. I really didn't like Zane as a love interest in Slide since there was never any build-up and even Vee admits in Impostor that it was insta-love. Rollins and Vee just had so much chemistry that I could go on and on about this couple for days!

I loved the mystery surrounding the events in Impostor - I was constantly wondering who was 'sliding' into Vee, and when it all came clear it all fit together. There was some high tension scenes but mostly this book is all about building up this mystery then letting it all explode when it comes clear, which is a dangerous technique because something too much can be confusing. It works in this book though and everything from Lydia, Mattie, Samantha and Diane fits together so well. I would have maybe liked a little bit more danger and action, like the end of Slide, but honestly that's just me being picky.

At under 300 pages, Impostor is a quick read. That doesn't make it any less gripping though. This book was a great addition to a great series. Hopefully there will be a book three, since I can't wait to learn more about Vee's sliding and see more Rollins and Vee cuteness!

Book released 26th April 2013 by HarperCollins Children
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review (Print)

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  1. Romance, mystery and murder! Just my type. I'm adding this to my to-read shelf. :)

  2. I LOOOOVE Vee and Rollins. And this series. So much.


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