Review: The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan

The Beautiful and the Cursed (The Dispossessed, #1)

Ingrid Waverley is a young woman to be reckoned with. Faced with her brother's mysterious disappearance after an abrupt move to Paris, she is determined to discover what has happened to him. Soon she and her sister Gabriella are drawn into a Parisian underworld more terrifying than they could ever have imagined, but watching over them are two impossible (and impossibly handsome) young men. Luc is a 'Dispossessed', an ancient gargoyle whose sworn duty it is to protect the humans who inhabit his abbey. Nolan has secrets of his own too. He is a member of the Alliance - a shadowy group dedicated to keeping Paris safe from the demonic forces that threaten to destroy it.

Secrets, danger and hidden powers stalk the girls in this beautifully imagined paranormal romance that will keep readers gripped from beginning to end - and one thing is for sure - you'll never look at a gargoyle in the same way again...

When I saw the description for this book I just knew that I had to read it - 1899, gargoyles, romance - this sounded absolutely amazing. It was pretty close to my expectations! Seriously, there aren't many paranormal romances that I love these days but The Beautiful and the Cursed definitely makes the list.

From the first page I was gripped by all of the mysteries. What had happened to Ingrid in London, and  what's happened to Grayson in Paris and what's the big mystery with all of the character? I have to admit that I'm always a little bit wary when there is a human/paranormal species romance, and especially was here because gargoyles aren't exactly seductive attractive creatures like... say vampires. I really didn't get squeamish by the romance between Luc and Ingrid though since it developed well and most of it is only when Luc was in his human form. I also really liked the Nolan/Gabby romance, that was fiery and romantic and Nolan was swoon-worthy, in some ways I preferred him to Luc who was kind of a typical YA hero.

The thing that made this book so awesome was Morgan's amazing writing which made the book that could have just been the typical YA paranormal romance something gripping and beautiful. Despite the dark tone of this book, Morgan's writing style was something absolutely beautiful and gripping. I absolutely loved it. The storyline is well thought out and the action is spread across so he pace is always good.

Overall, The Beautiful and the Cursed was a fantastic book, with two awesome love lines and a fantastically written story. I would totally recommend it to anyone.

Book released May 2nd 2013 by Hot Key Books
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. AAAHH!! This one sounds AMAZING!! So glad you reviewed it b/c (as usual) I am totally out of the loop :)

  2. Great review :) I was really surprised that I liked this as much as I did as well. I was really unsure how the romance would work out because.. well... gargoyles are ugly and creepy lol but I ended up being rather intrigued by it all. The cover is stunning as well !!

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