Review: Tidal by Amanda Hocking

Tidal (Watersong, #3)

Her only hope lies with her greatest enemies

Gemma is facing the fight of her life. Cursed by beautiful but deadly sirens, her extraordinary powers have a terrifyingly dark side, and becoming human once more is proving her greatest challenge yet. As she struggles to break the curse, the sirens, Penn Lexi and Thea are determined to kill her before she can set herself free.

Gemma's only allies are her sister, Harper, and Harper’s boyfriend, Daniel. Together they must delve into their enemies’ mythical pasts – to discover their darkest secrets. But Penn has also set her sights on Daniel. Soon, the sirens threaten everything Gemma holds dear: her family, her friends, her life, and her relationship with Alex – the only guy she's ever loved. Can she save herself and those she cares about before it is too late?

In Wake, we saw Gemma become a siren, in Lullaby we saw Gemma come to terms with what she is, and we saw Harper, Daniel and Marcy looking for answers. Now, in Tidal, we get some answers and the team come together to try and figure out how to make Gemma human again, but with much higher stakes. This book was better than the first two books, and I burnt through it in just a few hours, the pacing was fantastic and Hocking's writing seems to improve with every new book. 

I still had a few issues with the characters - even though Gemma is taking control and has grown on me since Wake, she is still a very weak character when compared to the stronger more likable characters of Harper and Daniel. I do like that we're starting to see more from the siren's point of view (well, Thea's). We're also starting to see some vulnerability from Penn, which I really liked because it makes her more understandable, not that I like her or anything, I just like my antagonists to be a little more human. Daniel and Harper stole the show again for me, they just get more and more awesome and Daniel's decision at the end of this book made me very angry yet at the same time, very swoony - a guy that cares that much that he's do that?! Get me one now! I missed Alex in this book though, he needed more scenes because I actually missed him (despite not loving him in the first two books).

This book was fast paced from start to finish. The stakes are pretty high now and the ending suggests that this fast pace will continue on in the last book (I hope so - it's over 500 pages). I honestly can't wait for Elegy to be released here in the UK because I am hooked on this series! I need to know what happens with Gemma and Harper and Daniel, and I want to see more of the siren's more relatable side. This book raised the bar for this series.

Overall, this book was fast paced and gripping from start to finish. Gemma isn't my favorite protagonist, but Harper and Daniel are amazing as always! This book has raised the bar for this series, I really hope Elegy loves up to my expectations!

Book released  28th March 2013 by HarperCollins Children's Books
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review 

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  1. I haven't read any books from this author yet but I do love siren books. The cover of this one is so pretty! I skimmed the review so I don't see spoilers, but I did see that they are fast paced books, and that is always a good thing!

    Alise @ Readers in Wonderland


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