Review: Bomb by Sarah Mussi

When Genesis goes on an internet date she is only anxious that this latest guy won't be 'The One'. She's not at all worried about meeting a dodgy bloke or getting in too deep. And when her date appears she texts her best mate, Jackson, to let him know that she thinks this time, he just might be 'The One'. And he texts her back with a huge: I LIKE.

It's the one all right. But not in the way she expects.

For when Genesis wakes up the next day, she can't remember a thing. She can't remember where she is, or how she got there. And she can hardly move because she is strapped into some kind of body armour ... and then a voice sounds in her head: 'Get on to the 37 going north. You are strapped to a vest made entirely of explosives. At the push of one button I can detonate you right where you stand.'

To her horror, Genesis has become an agent of mass destruction. The countdown to detonation begins now...
Oh my god.

Oh my god.

If there is any book that has had my heart in my mouth and my fists clenched so hard it made my knuckles white, it is Sarah Mussi's newest offering, Bomb.

Now I have to admit that I was not sold on Sarah Mussi after I read her 2012 offering Angel Dust, but the plot of Bomb just had me absolutely absorbed from the first page to the last, it was un-put-down-able. I refilled the water in my bath like four times so I didn't have to put this book down to get out of the bath. I ignored my boyfriend when he got home from work, I even read the acknowledgements so I didn't have to face that awful feeling when you close a book on your kindle and have to move on.

Bomb is a highly relevent book these days, and it has a highly relevant main characters. The plot is simple; an everyday teenage girl living in a world where terrorism rules is kidnapped, has a bomb strapped to her, and is sent on a twisted scavenger hunt where her life is on the line. All the way through the book, I felt like there was no way Genesis would survive at the end, and I'm not giving anything away but the ending had me rereading it multiple times. The story was so fast paced where not a lot happens, but the fact that the main character has freaking bomb strapped to her chest keeps the suspense up anyway.

There have been quite a few negative reviews for this book, and usually I can comprehend at least why someone might have disliked a book, but in this case I can't. Bomb was hands down the most suspenseful book that I have read in a long time. Both reminiscent of Speed as well as very relevant with today's world issues. A fantastic read that is well thought out and keeps you guessing all the way through... Bomb was awesome.

Book released 7th May 2015 by Hodder Children's
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Oh my goodness this looks so good! Though, if it keeps me on the edge as much as it did you, maybe I shouldn't read it at work...
    Oh, also I followed you on blog lovin<3


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