A Notice...

I have decided, after a year of on and off blogging, that it is best if I no longer commit to Blogging any longer.

Ink Scratchers was created by a 17 year old with too much time on her hands and not a whole lot of friends in her life. At that time, reading and sharing my feelings and opinions about those books was a passion. However, I am not 23, I have a very demanding job, a partner, a home to keep and not a whole lot of uncommitted time. Whilst I continue to read, I just can't keep up with the demand and I don't want to keep having myself stress over when I will get around to catching up on reviews.

For everyone that has supported me and read my reviews over the last six year, I can only say a massive thank you.

And to all of the authors and publishers who have kept me busy, keep doing what you do - you made a young adult very happy and fulfilled.




  1. good luck in whatever you want to do

  2. Going to miss your reviews! But living life is definitely more important! All the best.


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