Review: Dial Em for Murder by Marni Bates

Dial Em for Murder

Sixteen-year-old Emmy Danvers was just trying to write a halfway decent romance novel when a senile old man mumbled a cryptic warning, tackled her to the ground in the middle of Starbucks, and...died right on top of her.

Unfortunately for Emmy, the incident wasn't quite as random as she thought, and it turns out that the old man might have taken a bullet for her. Not only that, he slipped something into her pocket: a digital tablet containing secrets that she has no idea how to unlock, but that others are ready to kill for. Thrust into a world where nothing is as it seems, Emmy must try to track down her absentee father, deal with a flirtatious bad boy who may or may not be on her side, and, oh yeah, stay one step ahead of the killers lurking in the shadows of an exclusive prep school. The old man's parting advice to "trust nobody" doesn't sound so crazy after all....

Dial Em for Murder really didn't hit the mark for me.

I was confused by the plot, the mystery wasn't mysterious and the big reveal wasn't interesting but that wasn't the worst of it.

The worst of it was Emmy as a whole. She was so obsessed with the boy she liked and her father that she seemed totally unfazed by everything else that was going on in the book and it just didn't ring true for me. I didn't like her voice and she was just a walking cliche.

I wish I could say that I enjoyed this book, but admittedly I skimmed the second half of the book.
Book released 4th November 2016 by Simon Pulse
Book received from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review

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