A Little Note...

Hi guys!

I just wanted to swing by and apologise in advance for the lack of reviews over the next few weeks, I will probably only be pumping out like 3 a week compared to my usual 6+.

Just to tell you why (and extract some sympathy).

  • My college courses are taking their toll and I'm getting more homework than I do free time, so I'm only managing to read a few books a week.
  • I have quite a few books for review for December/January/February and I think I may concentrate on reading and scheduling those reviews so I'm ahead of the game.
Don't worry, I'm still here, just not quite as much as I was before.

I am still accepting books for review, but reviews may not be up until the beginning of the new year.



  1. I cant believe you managed 6 reviews a week in the first place you book machine! Hope college isn't too strenuous

    The Cait Files

  2. Awww that sounds stressfull! I hope everything goes ok Hun and don't worry about the blog there are more important things! X

  3. Hey jade,
    We did a book swap this week so thought I'd stop by and say hello!
    I have a blog to which is mainly beauty and fashion but think I'll put some book reviews on there soon!
    Thanks for the books!
    Lisa x


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