Review: Annexed by Rebecca McKinnon

AnnexedFriends or family? Desire or responsibility?
She thought she'd made her choice.

Now, finding herself trapped in a world splintered from her own, Narissa is determined to return home. Learning that the means of crossing between realities has been lost, she vows to find the elusive gateway.

Narissa doesn't plan to make friends. She certainly doesn't intend to fall in love.

Faced with the decision, will she choose the life she wants, or return to the world where she belongs?

This book was so imaginative with this level of realism that I was not expecting. McKinnon creates this well thought out world that is just different enough to give that level of mystery but also doesn't through out main character Narissa off balance.

This book throws you into the action, which is great because it grabs your attention, but for the first two or so chapters had me trying to catch up. The rest of the book isn't quite as fast paced but still held my attention because of the choices that Narissa had to make. There is a lack of confrontation meaning that this book isn't the most dramatic and the bulk of this book is about Narissa's choice.

My favorite character has to be Mac and I think he may have been overlooked in the book, he would have been a much better romantic interest for Narissa despite his insistence that she was 'like a sister'. That's not to say that i didn't like Daman, I loved seeing him come out from his shell and develop a relationship with Narissa! I really enjoyed the rate at which the relationship developed, as well as how it happened.

Narissa was a pretty good main character. One thing that did bother me was how little she fought when she found out that she was stuck in The refuge, I think she could have taken more time to accept it. Afterwards though, she was a believable main character with a spunky, rebellious side which I really enjoyed, she never annoyed me either.

Overall, Annexed was a great start to a series which didn't have a lot of action but still grabbed me due to the storyline and characters.

Overall Rating: B

June 28th 2011, book received from the author for review

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  1. I'm not sure this ones really for me but great review all the same! :)


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