Review: Emma Hearts LA by Keris Stainton

Emma Hearts LAEmma's not sure that LA's for her, but when she accompanies her sister Jane to an audition, a chance meeting with a teen TV star starts to change her new sunshine lifestyle for the better... 

But what about Oscar, so far her only friend in LA, who's turning out NOT to be the idiot she thought he was?
Soon Emma begins to find herself torn between two boys and reconsidering her entire future.

Maybe LA's not that bad after all.

Keris Stainton is one of those authors that will never disappoint me. I am one of those people who feels nervous going into a book by one of my favorite authors because I just know there is a chance that I'm going to be let down, this doesn't happen with Keris Stainton books because this woman is such a genius with words and her books are pure escapism for me. Emma Hearts LA was yet another laugh-out-loud-funny and squee-sweet release that I literally read in an hour and a half and the second I closed it I wanted to read it again.

I always love Stainton's characters. Jessie and Della will always hold a place in my heart and now Emma has joined them, I liked Emma in Jessie Hearts NYC so I knew that I would love her in her own book. Sure, I didn't love her as much as Jessie but Emma was still funny, unique, relatable and a character that I cared about. I didn't really love Oscar as much as I loved Finn in Jessie Hearts NYC, but I still loved him because he was sweet and nerdy and I love a good nerd boy! Whilst there weren't too many *SQUEE!* romantic moments, the cute moments that they are had me EEEEE'ing in my seat because those two are just SO CUTE!

The storyline was great, Stainton's books are always fluffy, fun reads that don't make you feel anything except absolute happinest and so they don't have the most developed and complex storylines, which I like. I did enjoy watching Emma grow used to her new home, have her fifteen minutes of fame and find love and when i closed this book I felt an absolute feeling of contentment.

Overall, a fun and cute read that I absolutely loved. Keris Stainton is fast filling a place in my heart as my favorite YA contemporary fiction author.

Overall Rating: A

Book released June 7th by Orchard 
Book received through swaps.

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