COVER REVEAL: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

We have a cover to the sequel to Grave Mercy!

Dark Triumph follows Ismae's sister nun Sybella, I'm hoping we get a glimpse of Ismae and Duval though. Fot those of you that haven't read Grave Mercy, I highly recommend it (my review goes up on Tuesday)

Here is the cover:

Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin, #2)

What do you think. I actually prefer it to the Grave Mercy cover because, although it isn't as striking it is darker, i love the brown tones and this one really does look like a fantasy book, it kind of reminds me of Poison Study? Plus, Sybella looks just as I imagined her!

Released - April 2nd 2013 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

What are your thought on the cover?

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