Review: The Rogue's Princess by Eve Edwards

The Rogue's Princess (The Lacey Chronicles, #3)
England, 1586

Mercy Hart, daughter of one of London's wealthiest and most devout cloth merchants, is expected to marry her equal in rank and piety. Certainly not Kit Turner, a lowly actor and playboy, who also happens to be the late Earl of Dorset's illegitimate son. But when a chance encounter throws them together, Kit instantly falls for the beautiful Mercy's charms . . . and Mercy can't deny the passion that Kit stirs within her. She seems ready to defy her father's wishes--ready to renounce her family and her family name for true love.

Then Kit finds himself accused treason.

Will Mercy have the strength to stand by him? Or will she succumb to pressure and break his heart?

I absolutely loved the first two of Edward's Lacey Chronicles books, Will and James were amazing characters and luckily Kit did not let me down. The third Lacey brother was amazing and sweet and so funny, he totally takes the place of my second fave (Will is always going to be my favorite!). 

What I like about this series is that whilst the books revolve around the girl, the series revolves around the boy. This means that we get to keep meeting new girls but also seeing the characters from the other books in this series. It was awesome to read about Will and Ellie and their kid and James and Jane and their life and I loved the appearance of Diego and Milly.

I wasn't as fond of Mercy as I could have been I think that this may be because she dddn't have as much spunk as I like and she seemed too obedient and good for me to like. It was nice when we did see her break out of her mould though. I really loved Kit since he was so funny and bad but he really did try for Mercy and I loved seeing the more serious side of things - those were the points where I rooted for their romance the most. I'm such a fan of the youngest Lacey brother, Tobias; I would LOVE a fourth book about him.

As with the first two books the storyline of this one isn't too deep, it's enough to make you keep reading and short enough that the pace never seems to slow for the length. This is a series that I would recommend for fans of easier historical YA.

Overall, despite not being my favorite book in this series, I loved Kit and the story was easy to follow. I recommend this series to fans of cute romance and easy historical reading.

Overall Rating: B

Book released July 7th 2011 by Razorbill
Book bought by myself.

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