Beautiful Creatures movie stills #PenguinChats

Today, I'm sharing some of the stills from the set of the Beautiful Creatures movie!
Check them out.

The Beautiful Creatures movie is due to be released on the February 14th 2013, it was directed by Richard LaGravenese of P.S. I Love You fame. LaGravenese said he was drawn to this project because "I'm creating this atmosphere, this world of Southern Gothic, that I don't know very much about but I'm very drawn to. I love mythologies, I love things that are supernatural" - Interview with

Here are the awesome authors of the books, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl with their author chairs on set. They visited the set for around a week.

Here they are with the main actors Alice Englert (Lena) and Alden Ehrenreich (Ethan). I'll be talking more about them in the next few posts so look out for that.

In an interview with  Englert said that what makes Lena and Ethan's relationship so good is that "it’s not about, ‘Oh, you need a girlfriend. Oh, you need a boyfriend.’ It’s actually about love, and sacrifice, loving someone and having to let them go for different reasons."

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