Review: Alternity by Mari Mancusi


Imagine waking up in a post-apocalyptic, nightmare world--and being told your whole life is but a dream. Skye Brown thought she was your typical teen--good grades, hot boyfriend, and an afterschool job that pays her to play videogames. But then she started having the dreams.

In her dreams, there is no Earth. Only Terra, a bleak, underground wasteland where people live in squalor and oppression. In her dreams, there is no Skye--only Mariah, a rebel leader fighting against a vile, dystopian regime. And then there's Dawn, a handsome, but haunted solider who sees her as but an empty shell of the girl he once love--a betrayer he vows to hate forever, despite what she sees deep in his eyes.

Now, ripped between Dark Siders and club kids, the mundane and the mystic, Skye finds herself in a fight against time--to learn who she really is, where she belongs..and why. The shocking truth will have her questioning her own reality...and her heart.
I'll admit it; this was a case of book cover appeal and I hadn't even read the books blurb when I requested this book... I mean look at this cover; it's techy and has a girl in warrior pose with a sword. I just had to request. Thankfully the book didn't let me down at all, it was techy, actiony and threw in just enough curveballs to make it quite enjoyable.

I wasn't gripped by the plot to start with, this book started off really slowly and with an actiony dream sequence which made me feel as though I wasn't going to be reading anything predictable. There were many parts in this book where I felt things were getting either predictable or confusing. In fact, a lot of the end part of the book confused me and I had to reread some parts to try to keep up.

Skye was a great character, but I found her a bit fickle with her being in love with Dawn right away and she isn't even thinking about her boyfriend at home who seems really nice and lovely and caring so I really disliked her at times because of that. I also think she was very trusting at the wrong times, like refusing to believe she's Mariah when she's told by Dawn but trusting anything Duske says right away... of course, her character flaws are ironed out pretty quickly.

However, the ending really did throw me, it was unexpected and there were some pretty enjoyable aspects about the book. I loved the curveball Mari Mancusi threw with it being so unexpected with the twist at the end.

Overall, I did enjoy this book though I had some problems with the main character and the confusion that some parts caused.

Book released 19th October 2012 by Harlequin Teen/January 6th 2012 by NLA Digital Liaison Platform LLC
ARC received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review (eBook)

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