Review:Order in the Court by Casey Lawrence

After witnessing the murders of her three best friends and having their killer arrested, seventeen-year-old Corey Nguyen is having trouble adjusting to life after high school. As a freshman in college, all she wants is to put her dark past behind her, make some new friends, and keep her head down.

Her new world comes crashing down when the killer changes his plea to not guilty, claiming he was coerced into a confession. Corey must now testify in a murder trial, making the panic attacks and flashbacks to the night of the murders intensify. To top it all off, she's pretty sure her mother is having an affair with the prosecuting attorney. To Corey’s dismay, the story clearly doesn't end with the murder of her friends.

I  wasn't initially aware that this book was a sequel, but I found it very easy to read as a standalone.Had I been reading it as a a sequel  I think this book would have been a little less interesting - the real story in this for me was finding out what had happened tha had led to the trial and watching Corey come to terms and move past it. Therefore, had I read the first book andknown wht had happened I'm not entirely sure tha this would have worked fir me. 

Corey was an interesting character, adjusting pretty well considering what she had been through.I loved that she hadn't been this really broken character, she was tough and spunky and I really enjoyed that. The court case was really interesting to follow, and I did feel absorbed as I read the book and finished it.

As a standalone, this book really worked for me. Had I read the first book in the series before I'm not sure it really would have worked as a sequel, which is weird to say,

Overall, Order in the Court was a really absorbing little read with a good main characterI'm not sure it will last in my memory, but I will definitely read the prequel.

Book released August 4th 2016 by Harmony Ink
Book received from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review

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