Review: Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie

Burning Glass (Burning Glass, #1)

Sonya was born with the rare gift to feel what those around her feel—both physically and emotionally—a gift she’s kept hidden from the empire for seventeen long years. After a reckless mistake wipes out all the other girls with similar abilities, Sonya is hauled off to the palace and forced to serve the emperor as his sovereign Auraseer.

Tasked with sensing the intentions of would-be assassins, Sonya is under constant pressure to protect the emperor. One mistake, one small failure, will cost her own life and the lives of the few people left in the world who still trust her.

But Sonya’s power is untamed and reckless, her feelings easily usurped, and she sometimes can’t decipher when other people’s impulses end and her own begin. In a palace full of warring emotions and looming darkness, Sonya fears that the biggest danger to the empire may be herself.

As she struggles to wrangle her abilities, Sonya seeks refuge in her tenuous alliances with the volatile Emperor Valko and his idealistic younger brother, Anton, the crown prince. But when threats of revolution pit the two brothers against each other, Sonya must choose which brother to trust—and which to betray.

What a gorgeous, amazing read.

Burning Glass took a while to reel me in - from the start I wasn't even sure I would finish it - but when it did, after the first few chapters boy was I hooked. Burning Glass is waaaaay too long to be this good - I couldn't put it down and consequently I couldn't make food, I couldn't get ready for work (I was late and I debated pulling a sickie to finish this book). It was just... wow. Amazing.

Sonya, Anton, Valko, Pia... what amazing characters Purdie has written. She has created a dark and dangerous love triangle, a character with as many damning qualities as redeeming qualities and best of all, she made me like a character before killing them off! That, Purdie, is genius. I actually came to care about the character and as a result I totally believed in Sonya's rampage for revenge - thank you!!!

The writing and world building is so rich and fascinating and well done. I love how Purdie let us learn slowly the powers of the auraseer, as opposed to dumping it all on us so it felt forced. 

I just... can't even find words.

Yes, Burning Glass has potential to be more, Sonya has all the potential to become a badass like Celaena or Katsa, but I think that if this is Purdie at her debut, I cannot wait to see what she comes out with in a year's time.

Book released 1st March by KatherineTegen
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


  1. This one sounds so good! I'm going to have to add it to my TBR pile.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. Wow such glorious recommendations, i'm reading my e-arc copy right, well i just finished Chapter 1 thinking it won't hold my attention but reading your review has me invigorated. I can't wait to read it out..... Must get back to it!!

    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex


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