Review: Taming of The Drew by Stephanie Kate Strohm

The Taming Of The Drew
Cass McKay has been called stubborn, temperamental, difficult, and that word that rhymes with “witch” more times than she cares to count. But that’s all about to pay off. She has finally landed the role she was born to play—Kate, in The Taming of the Shrew—in the summer apprentice program of a renowned Shakespeare theater company in the forests of Vermont.

But Cass can barely lace up her corset before her troubles begin. Her leading man, Drew, is a complete troll, and he’s going to ruin Cass’s summer. Even worse, Cass’s bunkmate Amy has somehow fallen head over heels for Drew. Cass can’t let Amy throw herself at a total jerk, so she comes up with a genius plan to give Drew the personality makeover he so desperately needs: they’ll tame Drew just as Petruchio tames Kate! But as Shakespeare’s classic plays out offstage, Cass finds it harder and harder to resist falling for Drew herself.

Drew and Cass are quite possibly one of the cutest couples in YA this year, seriously, this was a super-adorable read made so much better because of the two main characters. From their fun first meeting to the last page, this was an entertaining and smooth love story that developed in a believable pace with brilliant supporting characters that help everything fall into place.

This has happened a few times recently - where what looks like a super-cute read lacking substance blows me away. It happened with Holding Court a few weeks ago and The Taming of the Drew was another. The references to pop-culture and Shakespeare make this the perfect read to any teenager or the slightly older readers. Cass and Drew.... just amazing. I love them.

Nobody can deny that Strohm is a highly talented writer as well - she wrote brilliant characters and dialogue that fits with the age group perfectly. There was some drama in there, and characters like Taylor who made the whole thing a little bit better. It was just a combination of many things that made this book stand out to me. Like many contemp reads it probably won't stick in my mind for years and years, but this is still very deserving of an four star rating.

Book released 5th April 2016 by Sky Pony Press
Book received from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review

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  1. This sounds really good! Plus I kinda love Taming of the Shrew and anything playing on that theme so sounds right up my alley!
    Great review, thanks for sharing :)


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