Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Facts About Me

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I was unsure whether to do personal or bloggy facts, so here are five of each!

  • I'm 23 years old, and a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geography which I will probably never use in my whole life! That picture up there is me and I think I look like a chipmunk.
  • I live in a city in the north of England called York, I moved here for university like four years ago but can never see myself leaving it now! It's a gorgeous city with so much amazing history. 
  • I am a massive fan of Pokemon, so I have walked more in the days since Pokemon Go! was released than I have in the months before. Pokemon Go! changed my life.
  • I get attached to things easily, so I'm a big fangirl of things. My current 'thing' is Supernatural (my boyfriend and I have gone through 8 seasons in three months). I also love K-Pop and K-Dramas... yes, I'm that girl.
  • I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore and I'm not gonna lie, I totally don't object. I am definitely a slytherin.

  • I started Ink Scratchers in 2010 when I stumbled across The Book Smugglers blog and realized that I wanted people to discover my blog and use it to help them choose which books to buy. I never imagined it would get this far or last this long, but it's still going strong.
  • I have a 13 tab spreadsheet which helps me organise which books to read and what books to review - one which acts as a 'loose' schedule and one for every month where I write what books come out on one day so i can keep track of books which I 'need' to review, but I don't schedule what to review when ahead of time.
  • I'll read anything that is Young Adult but at the moment I'm leaning toward contemp and thriller type reads. I love books that bring something new to their genre though, and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is like my #1 book of the last few years.
  • I never reread, which means when I read sequels I go into them remembering very little about the previous books... it's a nightmare for me.
  • I have a really short attention span so being able to concentrate on a book is the biggest compliment I can give it. For this reason, I take a bath any time I'm about to start a new book - this way i can't get distracted by anything else.
So that's all about me! I'll pop by and check out yours as well :)


  1. Oh wow, York is a beautiful city and so historical--lucky you! I also am crazy about Supernatural. It's my favorite "feel-good" show to watch and the show just keeps going strong. I will watch the fortieth season, where Sam and Dean will be walking around slapping demons with their canes, if CW keeps renewing it! Following you back. :)

  2. I have seen Kdramas and Kpop make a couple lists this week, and it makes me so happy :) I am insanely obesessed with Kdramas, it's ridiculous. Are you on MDL?

    My TTT.

  3. Great list! Oooh and Fangirl is brilliant. I totally loved that book. Congrats on 6 years of blogging as well. Amazing accomplishment :)

  4. Re-reading is brilliant, in case you missed bits! Sometimes sequels surpass the original, Girl Online On Tour is better than the first. And as for Fangirl!LOVE!

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  6. I deleted my previous comment because I am super tired right now and got mixed up between you and someone else the commented on my blog. heh.

    Thank you for the follow and visiting my blog! I didn't learn any Romanian while I was there, well nothing that I remember. We had translators with us.

  7. York is a lovely city, it must be amazing to live there!

    I can't wait for Pokemon Go to be released - my other half has already downloaded it, but I'm trying to wait for the official release because my phone can be...temperamental.

    Great post :)

  8. Pokeman Go is something I just started doing too with my hubby.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for the week:

  9. Love k-dramas! I'm currently watching Heirs. I was sorted into Ravenclaw though I'm kind of a ravenpuff because on various quizzes I get hufflepuff too.

  10. Must admit, I don't even know what 4) and 5) mean (#campold) but I am impressed by a 13 tab spreadsheet :-D

    Here's my TTT:

  11. Aw, this is so fun! I get attached to things too- like, it takes quite a bit for me to get attached, but once I do, I am CRAZY attached. I also have a college degree that I will never use, so don't feel bad- at least you'll have it ;) And you are adorable, and not at all chipmunk-like! ♥


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