The End Has Come!

It's over (waaaah).

I've just got back from the cinema, where I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.

Now bearing in mind that I was about six when I read the first Harry Potter book and have loved the series ever since. Take into consideration that by the time I was 10 my room was decorated Harry Potter (Golden Snitch night light, harry potter bed set, lampshade, rug), I sort of don't know how I'm going to live.

Sure there are a few books that I love being turned into movies right now (The Hunger Games being one that I love), but that doesn't even compare to the Harry Potter franchise.

The movie was good, though I have a few things to say:
  • I don't see the point in Ginny Weasley being in the movies, they minimised her part, all she does is kiss Harry or look scared, and the actress isn't convincing, sure she looks the part but MEH!
  • This film is so dramatic and tense and a lot darker than the others (not a bad thing though!)
  • The visuals are just... wow... here's a scene that had me in awe:

I cried more at the end than I did during the movie (and some parts were very sad. I can't believe it's the end!)

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  1. I've decided that I have to re-read all of the books before I see the last instalment. I think I'm just trying to delay the inevitability of it all drawing to a close!


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