Review: Dreamer Ballerina by Sarah Rubin

Dreamer BallerinaLooking at her ratty-tatty, used-to-be-white, too-big high-tops, and then at her skinny chicken legs poking up from the ground, you'd never think that Casey Quinn could ever be a ballerina. But just because Casey can't do ballet in high-tops doesn't mean she can't dance.

This book is a children's book aimed at ages 9+, though totally suitable for kids younger than that. Because of this, the book is not very deep and emotional and is pretty much a happy, cute read. The book is also quite enjoyable for teen and adult readers as well, though I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something deep.

I liked this book for the simplicity of it, the characters are simple, the narration is simple and the story is as well, it isn't hard to get into and is a very quick and enjoyable read.

I like the characters, while they aren't all that multi-dimensional, I don't think that they need to be, there's our spunky, strong-willed main character, Casey who really aspires to be someone and will do anything for her dream. There is also a great cast of other characters as well, who help Casey achieve her dream.

This review isn't that long because really, I can't think of much to say apart from that it was fun and cute, but that just helps to display the simplicity of this book, it's sweet and happy and for me, it was the perfect break from the more heavy, emotional books i seem to be reading these days!

Overall rating: B

Stand alone/series: Stand alone

UK Release: January 3rd 2011
Publisher: Chicken House
Book obtained via: Sent by Chicken House in exchange for an honest review

Many thanks to Claire at Orion for sorting out this copy for me!

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