Love Triangles

How many times I've been asked whether I'm on Team this or Team that now, so here are my love triangle teamers!

Team Edward or Team Jacob (Twilight)
While I dislike Twilight now, at one point I loved it. I was always Team Jacob though, Edward was too perfect. Ewww.

Team Peeta or Team Gale (Hunger Games)
Always Team Peeta, though I did feel very sorry for Gale, Mockingjay secured my Team placement!

Team David or Team Tamani (Wings, Spells, Wild)
I can't decide, which is why I struggled to get through these books. I was Team Tamani in Wings, Team David in Spells and Tamani again in Wild (Illusions)  

Team David or Team Zane (Uglies)
I have always been Team David here! I liked Zane enough for me to not laugh at his fate, but I loved David so much that I was heartbroken for him!

Team Nate or Team Ariel (Theatre Illuminata)
Team Nate, sexy sailor over freaky fairy any day! I never felt anything but hatred for Ariel!

Team Ori, Team Simon or Team Beck (The Demon Trappers)
Okay, lots of boys to choose from. Deffers not Ori, Simon was sweet but most of all I'm Team Beck! Looooved him!    


  1. Oh that's a great idea :D

    I'm Team Edward and as for Hunger Games I was Team Finnick, I was not able to decide between Peeta and Gale.

    I haven't read the others yet.

    (I wasn't able to post comment on your blog since today I don't know why, but I'm happy to be able again)

  2. Oh.. And I love your new design! ;D

  3. Thanks Lilie! I was having some problems with the comment forms so I had to sort that out, which is why I changed my layout! Its okay as all people who entered my giveaway before I fixed it automatically got the extra point for commenting! :)

  4. Great idea!! I haven't actually read any of those series except twilight which I hated, so I don't have teams...but it was cool to see yours!! Maybe I'll do a similar post soon. I love the new look btw.


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