Review: Della Says: OMG by Keris Stainton

Della Says: OMG!Della’s over the moon when she kisses her long-standing crush at a party – but then she discovers her diary has disappeared... 

When scans of embarrassing pages are sent to her mobile and appear on Facebook, Della’s distraught – how can she enjoy her first proper romance when someone, somewhere, knows all her deepest, darkest secrets?

Della Says: OMG is probably the dictionary definition for a teen contemporary, with references to Facebook, IM and texting as well as dealing with those issues and fears that we all have as teenagers.

I had massively high expectations for Della, mainly because I read Jessie Hearts NYC a week or so ago and absolutely adored it, so when Della came in the post I was quite uncertain, I was so scared that it wouldn't be as good as Jessie, but my expectations were so high because I loved Jessie!

Did Della live up to my expectations? Yes. I really enjoyed it, I was anticipating it to be a fun, quick, easy read which centered around the loss of the diary and while that was a big part of it, I felt that the central point was more Della's developing relationship with Dan and the lessons that she learns. I was expecting this book to be for younger readers, but it covers some older subject, like first-time-sex and some other older topics, with a few swears here and there though these things are developed very tactfully that it doesn't feel dirty, it feels great to see Della's development.

I loved the character of Della, who is smart and funny and as a teenager just a year younger than I am now, with no powers to speak of, she is so easy to relate. She also has some hilarious moments, which make you cringe and laugh out loud (discovering that boys have nipples!). The character is so believable. I also liked Dan, he wasn't too perfect, he swears and has had sex before and yet he is so sweet and real, I really liked Dan!

I think the ending seemed a little rushed, I think that Della should have confronted the diary thief, but otherwise it all was amazing!

All in all, a book that realistically but tactfully puts across issues that teens can relate to so easily! I loved it!

Rating: A

Stand alone/series: Stand alone
UK Release: May 6th 2010
Publisher: Orchard
Book obtained via: Swap on Read It, Swap It

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  1. great review! Della and Jessie are both amazing but both in their own way. I read them in pub order and I must say that I cant wait to see what's next in store for us from Keris because she started off brilliantly with her first two books! :D


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