In My Mailbox (20/08/11) & Week In Review

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So yesterday I was up at 6am waiting for my exam results (ABBBC), after spending four hours celebrating passing my first year I then went to work, where they told me that they had to let me go, as there wasn't enough work for me and the managers (I was the only part time worker there), then just an hour later I end up scalding my finger with boiling hot water and going to hospital.
I was feeling pretty miserable until I got home to a parcel with five books in from Hachette.
Now I'm happy!

So anyway, here's my mailbox

For Review:


(ARC) Far Rockaway by Charlie Fletcher (Hodder Childrens, UK release: 1st September) - Never heard of this one, but it actually sounds amazing! 

(ARC) A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton (Hodder Childrens, UK release: 5th January 2012) - Wahhh, this sounds fantastic, not out until January! :)

(ARC) Abandon by Meg Cabot (Macmillan Childrens, UK release: October 7th)- Massive Meg Cabot fan and been after this forever, I would love the pretty UK cover, but I can't wait, so I'm happy I got this ARC!

Jessie Hearts NYC by Keris Stainton (Orchard) - I've already read and reviewed this here, so now I have two copies (and Keris promised me a signed copy!) (expect one of them as a giveaway prize for my 500 followers, when I get there!) - I currently have a giveaway for this going on, it is UK only and ends 3rd September - Here is the post

Dark Angel by Eden Maguire (Hodder Childrens) - This is one that I've been after for ages, the cover is gorgeous and I love Maguire's Beautiful dead series!

Ultraviolet by RJ Anderson (Orchard) - I've already read this, but haven't reviewed it yet, so I'm going to reread it so I can review it!

From NetGalley/Simon and Schuster GalleyGrab

Every Other Day  Drink, Slay, Love  The Pledge

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe (Disney Hyperion, US Release - January 24th 2012) - This sounds amazing!

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Egmont USA, US Release - December 27th) - Just got this on a whim, but it looks like my thing!

Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst (Margeret K. McElderry, US Release - September 13th) - I loved her fairytale retellings so definitely going to try this.

The Pledge by Kimberly Derting (Margeret K. McElderry, US Release - November 15th) - OMG OMG OMG! Do you guys know how much I ADORE this author, and dystopic books? Do you guys KNOW how psyched I am... like, for real!


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - I won this in a giveaway from Sally at the Elifylop. Heard great things about it!

Lottie Biggs is not Mad by Hayley Long and Secrets at st Jude's (New Girl) by Carmen Reid - both won from  Lvng Books

Week In Review:


What did you get this week, leave your IMM link and I'll call by and visit you soon!


  1. You got awesome books this week! So jealous :P Happy reading :)

  2. You got A Witch In Winter?!?! I can't wait to read that!! Lucky girl :) Ooh and I'm eager for Dark Angel and Every Other Day, they both sound fantastic.

    I LOVE ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS!!! So, so, so, so SO good! Awesome books, enjoy!

    Aw man, sorry to hear you lost your job! Sending lots of positive vibes your way for an even better position soon :)

  3. Oh what a mixed-leaning-toward-not-so-good day. So pleased you got a bundle of books to help make up for it!

    Oh, The Pledge! I want to know more about this. Lots lots more. Review please! I've read some wonderful things about it already. :)

  4. :O! Awesome books! Dark Angel and A Witch in Winter? You lucky thing! I'm dying to read those. Ultraviolet is awesome, by the way, and I loved Anna and the French Kiss :). Happy reading! :)

  5. Aww, sorry you had a crappy day. :( I think sometimes the world conspires to make sure we get really big boxes of books on shitty days. At least, that's what usually happens to me and it definitely makes things better.

    Love the cover for The Pledge.

  6. Oh wow, so many books! Glad you liked Ultraviolet, I plan to by that when the cover isn't metallic. Not a fan of the Dark Eden cover as the model is used for the Australian version of The Goddess Test and The Vespertine! Plus, she has fat ankles. :P

    ComaCalm's IMM

  7. Congrats on your awesome exam results but sorry about your job =[ I hope you find something else soon.

    You got really really good books! Very jealous of a witch in winter which sounds amazing. Hope you enjoy everything

    The Cait Files

  8. Witch Winter and Dark Angel have beautiful covers, and look awesome. Hope you enjoy Anna and the French Kiss! It's my favorite contemporary of all time. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  9. you got some bloody awesome books this week! Im jealous of Dark angel and Abandon! :(

  10. You're gonna love Anna and the French Kiss!! :) I'm curious about the Jessie <3 NYC one.. would love to enter your giveaway but not in the UK :(

    Enjoy all the great books & thanks for checking out mine!

  11. Awesome books this week! Happy reading!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Wow you got some awesome books this week! I loved Abandon and Anna and the French Kiss! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!

    thanks for checking out my blog :)

  13. Wow love the cover of dark angels :). And I can't wait to read the Pledge.
    I read Anna and the french kiss a few months and loved it ! I hope you'll like it too !

    What? You didn't like the VA books? :p did you read all the books?

    I hope you'll like all those books. Happy reading <3

    ps : by the way i'm a new follower !

  14. Gosh that's a lot of good books! Especially Abandon and Dark Angel :) I hope you enjoy them all!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  15. You have some awesome books this week! I haven't read anything by Meg Cabot, but I keep finding bloggers who love her. I guess I should try Abandon :)

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM today!

  16. Awesome haul! The GalleyGrab books are so colorful and pretty and AWESOME! Happy reading :D

    Stop by my IMM

  17. Ooooh, you got The Pledge?!! Awesome! Sounds good! Congrats on winning Anna & the French Kiss! I still have to read that! Just ordered it!

  18. GREAT books! I can't wait to read The Pledge. Every Other Day does look good!

  19. Great selection of books! I'm going to have to check out Every Other Day it looks good!

    Thanks for stopping by mine! Happy reading.

  20. Ultraviolet is a really good book, and some of the others sound really good. Will have to keep my eye open for their releases :)

  21. witch winter looks awesome! drink slay love and the pledge are on my to-buy list.great IMM this week! you have lots of fantastic reading ahead of you. enjoy :)

    Stop by our IMM.


  22. Thanks for stopping by mine and what an awesome haul you got there.

  23. I'm adding A Witch in Winters to my wishlist--it does look amazing. Gorgeous cover, too!
    So jealous of everyone who got the Pledge! For some reason it wasn't in my galley grab email!

    Happy reading!

  24. I love Meg Cabot, too. I've had Abandon for a while. I just haven't read it yet. Dark Angel looks awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  25. ooh i haven't seen that cover of Abandon before. nice haul!

  26. Wow that is so horrible about work and having to go to the hospital! I hope you're feeling much better & thankfully those books helped. They all look great. I love that cover of Abandon. I'm so curious about Ultraviolet and Dark Angel.


  27. Ooh you got so many awesome books! :D I loveeeee Anna and the French Kiss, hilarious and adorable :) Hope you enjoy all of these, happy reading!

  28. Dark Angel sounds awesome, it has a pretty cover!

  29. A Witch in the Winter sounds awesome! Hadn't heard of it until now. Great IMM!

    My I.M.M:

  30. Lucky! You got the Pledge. I've been dying to read that book! :) Thank you for visiting my blog!

  31. Congrats on your great exam results! I hope your finger is better now, though :(

    Some great books this week to make up for it, at least! I keep seeing the Lottie Biggs books recently, so I think that's a sign I need to read them :D

  32. Nice mailbox!
    I have the UK version of Abandon, it was out in the wild in Germany lol, imagine my face when I found it O.O
    Jessie hearts NYC wasn't so much for me, though :(
    Witch Winter looks interesting and I have Every Other Day too :)

    Here is my IMM:
    Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

  33. Wow! Great books! Books always make me feel better too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower!

  34. I want to read The Pledge too.. Nice books! Thx for stopping by!


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