An Ode to Beth Revis

I'm not good at writing,
I can't draw or sing
So I'm writing Beth Revis
A bad poem,

In Across The Universe,
We met Elder and Amy,
In a book that was original
And not at all same-y,

In the next book,
Their story goes on,
As they navigate Godspeed
Through A Million Suns

But alas, what is wrong!
(Be aware, spoilers are coming!)
Godspeed is slowing down,

Will Amy ever see her parents,
She was awoken too soon,
One a ship that may never make it through,
All the suns and planets and moons,

The story is compelling,
I was gripped from the first page,
This is a book I'd give to
Readers of any age,

I loved it that much
And I honestly can't wait,
That's why I need to win this competition,
I'll call it, like, fate!

So Beth, take pity on me,
I have no talents to speak of,
I'm just a girl that reads a lot
And with your books, I'm in love!

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  1. Ha! I just read this book and loved it (and Beth was awesome enough to retweet and thank me for my review!) This poem pretty much sums up my feelings.


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