Review: Party Disaster by Sue Limb

Fred and Jodie are now an item. Disaster! But Jess soon has other things to worry about when she invites a few friends over for a quiet night in and word accidentally gets out that she's having a huge party. More and more people arrive, many of whom Jess doesn't even know! The evening spins out of control, Jess's house is devastated and her mum's beloved daffodils are trampled. Double disaster! Jess is seriously going to need her friends' help to get out of this dilemma ...

I read the first four in Sue Limb's 'Jess Jordan' series when I was a younger teen and absolutely loved them. I never read the next two because I thought that I may be too old for them, but after reading Party Disaster, the seventh in the series, I know that this is a book series I will not grow out of.

Sue Limb manages to bring real life insecurities and problems into a humorous and funny book. I love the character of Jess, she's quirky and funny, a little stubborn and very awkward like many teens are and I really love Fred, the fact that he's a bit gangly and not all together gorgeous puts across a better message than most teen books, wit drop-dead gorgeous boyfriends and I like that Jess and Fred are imperfect characters. As always, the background characters are also unique, Flora is the girlier best friend and I love Jess' Dad.

There were some very funny scenes in this book, so at quite a few points I was laid in bed giggling like a little girl. Limb can make humour out of anything and Jess is one of the funniest main characters that I have ever read, i loved the scenes with the party, or with Fred and Jess.

I can't rate this book A, purely because it isn't a book that will stay with me for a long time, I think that it will be easily overshadowed by the other, more memorable books that I read. However, I can say that for the two hours that i was reading it and the rest of the day afterwards I had a big smile on my face, so I have to thank Limb for that.

Overall, a funny story with fantastic characters and some pretty hilarious moments. Whilst not memorable and stand-out, I really enjoyed this read.

Overall Rating: B+

Book release June 7th 2012 by Bloomsbury
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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