Review: Captive by A.J. Grainger


I open my eyes. The cell is flooded with sunlight; the window is a slice of pale blue. Dust particles dance in the sparkling light, pirouetting in a golden line from the window to the opposite wall of the cell, where they seem to converge into shapes. It is like looking into a kaleidoscope. 

Dad isn't here. No one is, but me.
Robyn Knollys-Green is an A-list celebrity, famous for being the daughter of one of the world's most powerful men. But not even the paparazzi can find her now.

Robyn begins to realise that she is trapped in a complicated web of global corruption and deceit - and that the strange, melancholy boy who has been tasked with guarding her might not be an enemy after all . . .

Captive was a book that I requested for review on a whim - it looked interesting but at the time I was also trying to build up my TBR shelf as well, so it might not have been one I would have picked if I was being more selective. On one hand, I'm pretty happy that I picked this book up because it was definitely one that I enjoyed, however on the other hand it was not exactly amazing - it was good, but never really kept me gripped.

Now, that's not to say that this book wasn't suspenseful and tense at times, but I just wish that momentum had been kept throughout the book. Instead, the gritty, scary scenes where I actually felt like Robyn might be at risk were stirred in with cheesy romance scenes of thefledgling love between Robyn and one of her captives Talon. I did enjoy that storyline but it made the book seem very bipolar in it's approach, which I didn't enjoy.

What I did really enjoy were the parts where Falcon made Robyn doubt her father's intentions, which led to Robyn's personality becoming much stronger so that she can confront her dad at the end, and Robyn's opinions changing as she remembers what happened on the day her father was shot. I liked that Robyn quickly changed into a stronger character in the end and I can't help but feel sorry for her and Talon after the ending.

Overall, Captive was a good book that held my attention for the most part. However it didn't completely deliver the gritty kidnap plot which I had so yearned for s I can't help but feel a bit let down.

Book released 29th January 2015
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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