Review: A Work of Art by Melody Maysonet

A Work of Art

Shy, artistic Tera can't wait to attend a prestigious art school in France to prove to her famous artist father that she can make something of herself. But Tera's hopes for the future explode when the police arrest her dad for an unspeakable crime. Her father's arrest must be a mistake, so Tera goes into action, sacrificing her future at art school to pay for his defense. Meanwhile, she falls head over heels for Joey, a rebel musician who makes her feel wanted and asks no questions about her past. Joey helps Tera forget her troubles, but he brings a whole new set of problems to Tera's already complicated life. Then, to make matters worse, as her relationship with Joey deepens and as her dad's hotshot lawyer builds a defense, fractures begin to appear in Tera's childhood memories--fractures that make her wonder: could her father be guilty? And whether he's guilty or innocent, can she find a way to step out of the shadows of her father's reputation and walk free? Can she stop him, guilty or innocent, from tainting the only future she ever wanted?

A Work of Art was an interesting read, but I didn't feel that it was terribly unforgettable. It was gripping as I read it, but now that I come to review it I realise that it wasn't the most gripping, memorable book in the world.

That being said, I did enjoy it. Maysonet's writing is raw as she delivers this story which is not the easiest to tell. The story sits in the middle of something which is not furious and angry and not forgiving and simple. The story is one which takes no sides, even though it is clear to the reader that Tera's father is guilty, we don't get angry at Tera's blindness of the matter because she isn't oblivious. She has just accepted things that she shouldn't have accepted. The premise is gritty and it is delivered well and Tera's story is one that I loved to follow.

I did feel like Tera accepted things too quickly at the end - it did warrant more stages of guilt and denial, however I think the ending needed to be quick.

Overall, A Work of Art was a great, gripping read but it isn't something that I will remember in the long term. It delivers a strong message and delivers it well, but it wasn't the most poignant and strong of all reads. 

Book released 1st March by Merit Press
Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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