Dauntless UK Blog Tour: All About Fears

Guys, I am so psyched to be a part of #TeamDauntlessUK, I have some awesome folks in my faction and I plan to link to their posts at the end of this post so make sure you check them out!

My post today is about fears, because a lot of what being Dauntless is about is being able to face your fears and seriously, I have a lot of them: if Four got his nickname for having four fears I would be called One-Hundred or something.

I'm not even joking, here's a few of them:

  • I'm actually scared of flushing the toilet at night. That is the result of some mean eleven year olds when I was just seven, I'm (almost) nineteen now and that one has stuck with me.
  • Empty ice cream tubs with like melty ice-cream at the bottom. I'm a weird one, I know.
  • I actually can't go to sleep after 3am, that movie Paranormal Activity gave me that fear. If it's after 3am I have to wait up until the sun rises before I sleep.
I could give you the basic psychological reason for the development of fears and phobias but I don't really want to bore you. Instead, I want to talk about the difference between being fearless and dauntless.

To me, being fearless is not having fear.
Being Dauntless is being strong enough to face your fears and having the determination to stand up to your fears.

Is it possible to be fearless and dauntless? I don't think so, I think that anybody without fears isn't going to be as dedicated as somebody with a few because fears drive us. Maybe you disagree, but I for one believe that even though I have about ten billion zillion fears.

I am still Dauntless.

Thanks for reading and supporting #TeamDauntlessUK. Check out the other posts so far on the tour at the links below.

And guys, never be afraid to face your fears.


  1. I agree. It's not about being fearless but being aware of your own fears and taking hold of them than the other way around.

    Fear is an evolutionary trait. It helps us know whether to fight or flight.


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