On Blogging - FAQs

Q) How do you read so much whilst trying to keep up with other commitments?
I'm actually a pretty fast reader (around 3 hours for a good paced 400 page read) whereas I know bloggers that average on two or three books a week, or sometimes even one so that means that even with a little time I can read a few books per week.
If I know that I don't have free time I set myself targets, I have exams coming up next week so I'm making sure I prioritise college work and set myself a target of how much of a book I plan to read that night, sometimes I only read 5% and sometimes I will read a whole book (or two...)

Q) What are ARCs and how do you get ARCs?
ARCs are advance reader copies of a book sent to reviewers prior to the books released in order to build up the buzz and get out some opinions.
I started getting ARCs when I approached a number of publishers to request being added to their mailing list, I was at about 400 followers at that point and would recommend that you have some good stats (visitor amounts, followers) as well as are a dedicated blogger so blog regularly rather than a post every month, after all ARCs are promotional material and publishers want them to be going out to people who can build up the buzz.

Q) Do I have to review e-books to be a blogger?
No. I blogged for a year and a half before I got my kindle and though for a few months I was reading the odd ebook using my laptop I wasn't reading many. I didn't get a kindle to review eBooks, I got it as a present and realised that I opened lots of doors for me as a blogger. You don't have to read eBooks though, just specify on your policy that you do not accept them.

Q) How do you deal with somebody being rude to you about your blog?
I've not had that happen to me, though I have had somebody have a go at me for one of my reviews, which I dealt with by saying that I have a right to my own opinion and just because they disagree doesn't mean that I am wrong and they are right.
These things may happen if you're an honest reviewer but DO NOT stop posting reviewers for books that you disliked - readers will respect you for putting forward an honest and balanced opinion and not so much if you only post reviews for books that you totally loved.

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