Indie April Review: Instant Preplay by Karl Fields

Instant PreplayIn sixth grade, Logan Styles was a game show contestant with all the right answers. Two years later, the move to his grandmother’s suburban L.A. home wasn’t his idea, but his show-business father took a job in New York and didn’t leave him a choice. Logan certainly wouldn’t have chosen Thousand Oaks, where boredom and new-kid obscurity pose a hazard to his health…until he discovers the DVR attached to his television records shows before they air. 

Suddenly able to “predict” the scores of ballgames, the outcome of reality shows and even the weather, Logan becomes a breakout hit among Sunset Ridge Middle School’s most popular crowd. But his digital ESP comes with a burden. As he learns the DVR’s downside, Logan will have to answer a question tougher than anything he faced on the game show: Is having all the answers all the time everything it’s cracked up to be?

So last year I read and absolutely loved Fields' first book The Odd Job Squad so when this absolutely awesome author approached me with a request to review Instant Preplay I knew that I had to read it. Did I love it as much as his first book? Not quite. Was it still an awesome read? Totally!

What did I love about this book? There's nothing that really stands out as massively impressive and yet I still came away after finishing this book knowing that I was totally entertained and couldn't wait to read more of the authors works. It's a pretty short book and very exciting and event filled so there is no time to get bored, I read it in one sitting and finished it wanting more. I thought that the plot was fantastic, the idea of the DVR that records things that haven't aired yet is awesome, Logan could get tomorrows news today and use what he knows to save lives. I loved the way that he dealt with the powers, not only did he change the future, he also does what any teenage boy would do and get some money out of it!

I also loved Logan's friends. Patrick was funny and a bit of a bad influence, he was such a great character to have around because he acts very cool and confident but he has insecurities. I also really liked Ronnie because she goes through things in the book that a lot of teenage girls go through and Karl got the popular girl heirachy absolutely right!

As before, Fields' writing is fantastic and engaging, the plot and pacing was great and the characters were believable and relatable but also interesting and funny. I absolutely loved this book!

Overall Rating: A-

Book received from the author for review

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