Indie April Review: The Hollow of Mont Noir by Jennifer Krey

The Hollow of Mont NoirAllison Spencer was no stranger to the paranormal. An animal empath, she had the unique capacity to sense the feelings of animals around her - an ability she liked to call "Crittervision." She had never met anyone else with unusual powers and had gotten used to the fact that she was just an eccentric in a world full of normal people.

Allison just wanted to be a typical teenager. But with a missing brother, a beastly stalker and the possibility that she's not completely human, her life was anything but typical.

If there is any book that proves that you shouldn't judge a book by the cover (or an overly long synopsis that I totally cut down for this review) it's this book. Seriously, this book was great and I loved it and you totally wouldn't believe it from that cover, which is a little boring.

To start with, I wasn't sure that I'd really enjoy this book. I was interested from the start but wasn't absolutely gripped, Allison didn't seem like a very interesting character and I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen but by the end I loved Allison and I couldn't put the book down because I didn't know how things were going to turn it, it's just one of those books that aren't fantastically original but still completely grab you.

I think that I really started to like the book after we meet Riordan, maybe that is just because he's so sweet and such a lovely character or it could be because the romance began to develop at a steady rate and I loved to read scenes with Allie and Riordan despite the fact that there were certain behaviours that reminded me of my least favorite YA couple (Edward and Bella) but at least his protectiveness was actually cute and not abusive... I don't know why I loved the two of them, my usual tastes in YA romance says that I shouldn't but I just did!

I really enjoyed Krey's writing, whilst certain characters came off sounding a little too formal I loved how well she managed to write from Allie's point of view. Allie's grief over her brother rings true and her sadness over her parents arguing is so realistic, I think Allie is the type of character that many teenagers can relate to, I know I found it so easy to slip into her shoes for a while.

Overall, The Hollow of Mont Noir was such a fun and fast read with characters that rang so true to me, I enjoyed the romance and will definitely be reading the second in the series, Ochre Sky when it comes out.

Overall Rating: B

Book received as an ebook for review from the author.

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