Indie April Review: Torn by Ashley S Morgan

TornTorn is about a high school student named, Isadora Rivers. She is determined to get out of her small town and become a Hollywood actress. After a reckless bike ride she meets the mysterious new boy, Tristan Blake. As soon as Tristan comes into her world, she begins to have unusual visions of her future.

Torn is going to be a difficult book for me to rate because I did enjoy reading it but I found that the plot was a bit lacking because there was a big focus on character development.

I really enjoyed the writing of this book, the way that it was written was engaging and I found very few areas where the dialogue seemed awkward or the narration didn't flow quite right and that was great.

I also absolutely loved the characters, I found both Isadora and Tristan to be interesting and some well developed characters and it's obvious that a lot of work went into making the characters realistic. i loved how caring Tristan was and how much of a drama queen Isadora was, I especially related to that side of her. I definitely enjoyed reading about the pair of them.

Morgan manages to create a really atmospheric vibe in this book, it's very mysterious and kind of dark at some points and that is a great sign of fantastic writing.

The problem with this book for me was the plot... or lack of. I've seen it said in other eviews of this book that the plot was all over and I totally agree. It took a good 100 pages to set up the plot and even after that it was difficult to follow. I mean, I enjoyed the book because of the characters but without that fantastic character development and the great writing I'm not sure I would have finished this book. I know that the pacing was great as well, but without a well established plot it's pretty difficult to say if I really enjoyed this book.

Overall this book had great characters and writing. I actually love this authors writing style. Unfortunately this book needed a bit more plot development.

Overall Rating: C

Book received from the author for review

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