Review: The Dragon's Eye by Corey Guerra

The Dragon's Eye

Dive into the ancient world of Fael-wen; a land where humans, dragons, elves and other creatures roam. Meet Makayla, a druid in training who is plagued by dreams about a treasure from long ago. As she struggles to balance her training and the dreams, she'll find that there is more to her than she ever knew. Along the way Makayla's dedication and loyalty will be tested and she will find help where she least expects it. In the end Makayla will discover that in order to succeed, she will first have to believe in herself.

This was a great book by the end of it, but I had a few problems with the beginning: The world building in this book is great, I love this fantasy world that Guerra brings to life in the book however it's all good to have lingo in your book as long as you quickly define those words. This book uses words like Giadi and Kedo and doesn't define them until a good while into the book, which had me constantly wondering if I had missed something.

I was also put off a little by the disappearing storylines - at the beginning of the book Guerra sets up a cute romantic plot between Makayla and Prince Erik, which promptly disappears. I would have liked to see this a little bit more because it was really working for me... hopefully in a sequel?

The book was pretty good on the whole though, I loved Makayla as a character. She takes control of her situation despite having been brought up to follow orders, she shows strength where it's needed and I liked that. I loved watching her grow as well, throughout her journey she begins to mature and I loved that about her. The plot worked really well and I was constantly gripped by the fast pace of this book! The bad guy was scary and the ending was action packed and exciting!

Overall, The Dragon's Eye was a good start to the book. My advice would be to push through the beginning and the confusion and read on until it starts to get interesting. Read it if you're a fan of fantasy books!

Overall Rating: B-

Released November 10th 2011
Received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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